Thursday, 5 January 2012

Another year over, and a new one just begun

It was one hell of a year, 2011, that's for sure! I wrote a blog entry in January about change and how things were moving on. I was going to dedicate the year to work, building my busines, developing ideas. And then I got pregnant.

My friend, Jeanette, remarked that since I'm an artist my baby would look like Munch's The Scream...

And while I was pregnant I was horribly ill.

It was very much a planned pregnancy and I expected I might feel a bit sick as I'd suffered from excessive morning sickness (all-day sickness, really) with my first child. But we still weren't prepared for what things would be like. So I didn't really work; I had a fair bit of stock kicking about (luckily!) so my lovely OH did some events for me. I tried to be there too, but in all honesty I was pretty darn useless.

There was the Exeter Craft Festival on the Cathedral Green, where we were part of The Craft Hub members only mini-hub. The weather was beautiful and we had so many lovely people come by, both to say hello and buy things.

Sam Sunshine had her amazing scented candles in vintage teacups and jelly-moulds (I can never resist buying one!

Hannah from Duck Egg Design had her lovely bags

Penny of Pearlie Queen had her fab sown creations; isn't it amazing what you can do with recycled fabric!

Then there were the lovely ladies from Ellorias Boutique, with their beautiful jewellery and beaded creations

All in all it was a great 2 days! [Image courtesy of The Craft Hub on Facebook]

The week after I came down with acute pancreatitis and it was off to the A&E for several days of tests and drips both here and there. And bloodtests. Lots and lots of bloodtests.

When my pancreas and gallbladder had eventually decided I could carry on with life, for now, there was Devon Open Studios in September, where my friend, glass artist Amy McCarthy, open up her house to me and my unruly lot and we set up camp in her garden where we'd been provided with a gazebo. We had quite a lot of wind and rain but it was still a lovely thing to have the opportunity to do.

Amy making some glass magic happen

At this point I had about 3 weeks to go, so was very pregnant and feeling awfully tired most of the time. In total I spent less than I week actually at the venue; Amy very kindly (and firmly) told me I should be looking after myself and that everything was fine and I should be staying home, resting. Of course she was right!

On 30th of September we welcomed little Anaïs Maria Elisabeth into the world. And we got busy being a family with a new baby and all getting used to each other.

In December I did a lot of singing, both as part of Exeter Musical Society and taking part in the yearly Swedish St Lucia Celebrations. Again, my dear OH put on his sales hat and did The Craft Hub's Twinkling Firs Christmas Fair.

[Image courtesy of The Craft Hub on Facebook]

And now it's a New Year, Anaïs is just over 3 months and growing and learning new things every day. As for work; we'll see what I have up my sleeve for this year. I can't give it all away just yet!

Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Aww congratulations on the birth on Anais :). Gla life is going well. I really must check the blogs on here more often! Hope Pandy is doing well and liking being a big sister. With love, Sarah xx


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