Saturday, 21 August 2010

Moving studio and Holidays pt1

Isn't it weird how summer's just flown by?

I've been really busy, both working and with the usual summer-stuff, i.e. having a child off school and going to Sweden.

Right before we flew out for out stay in Sweden I moved to a larger studio; I loved the space I was in, so warm and light and welcoming. But there wasn't enough space, and as you work you never really get less stuff, do you? My fellow studio holder and friend, Jane (thank you SO MUCH!), helped me drag all my things from one end of the studios to the other. Anyone who's been in my studio and/or knows how many plaster casts I've got knows this is no small task. But I moved and although I miss the old space I know that the size of the new one is better.

More space for me to use both my tables and separate the jewellery work from the artwork.

Plaster casts on the shelves, plaster casts under the table...

And space for my computer work is essential of course!

Then we went to Sweden for a couple of weeks, saw family and friends, ate too much food, slept in in the mornings and had mostly rain... I decided to split it into two separate posts to make it easier to manage. Enjoy!

Walking the streets of Stockholms Gamla Stan (Old Town).

An orgy in Dala Horses! I love these wooden horses so much!

"I know we can't afford it but how pretty is that?"

Water, boats and commuter trains. Stockholm!

Check out how much space there is to cycle in traffic compared to in the UK!

We paid a visit to one of my absolutely favourite café's, retro café String.

More String.

Loving the retro furniture!

Robin aka The Other Half. Loving him too. :)

I had a really stressful time right before we went on vacation and somehow managed to come back to more stress and drama. It's really reminded me of how important it is with real friends who stick by you and who will still be there after the storm, who'll wait for you while you run around in a tornado of chaotic crap and will give you a hug at the end of it.

Robin made me this origami heart before we left. He says he sometimes finds it hard to SAY how much he cares and how important I am to him, so he MADE something to show me. I almost cried. Absolutely and completely priceless. Love, family and real friends.

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