Friday, 19 March 2010

Coming out of hibernation

I know it's already March, but I'm slow at shaking off the winter sleep... There's still that feeling of "are you absolutely sure I have to wake up now?" and the intense desire to pull the quilt back over my head and continue dreaming.

We didn't have much snow this year and when we did have some it just seemed to be a nuisance more than anything! It made it impossible to work in the studio; I went up one day and the clay had crunchy ice-crystals in it and was much too hard to work with.

Just to prove I didn't make up us actually having snow!

My studio is moving and it is an unsettling, frustrating experience. It hasn't actually grown feet of its own but all of us artists at the Exeter Artspace are packing up and moving to larger, better, HEATED premises. As much as we all know it will be better it is still a difficult transition from one place to another and we are losing some artists along the way, which is a shame.

I'm also helping my friend Joe with setting up a craft-fair here in Exeter. She's also running a craft group, Make, Do and Mend which meet on a monthly basis. Brilliant, no?

Otherwise I'm researching my Next Big Project so that I can jump right in and get started on it properly when the studio move is completed. I'm also making some smaller pieces at home and doing digital work.

The bed and warm blanket still look terribly inviting...
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